I've finally achieved consistency in my life. Any person of average or above intelligence can predict what I will say next with unerring accuracy. And what I say will always be wrong.

Monday, April 02, 2007

[CanYoAssDigIt] Fwd: [KOWA_Update] April is Radical Arts Month

This is Evergreen, for goddess sake! Can we get a goddamn concerted
effort to get some fucking BASKETWEAVING going?!? Good golly, miss

On 4/2/07, roundandpointy@excite.com <roundandpointy@excite.com> wrote:
> Online: www.kowaradio.org
> Leave message: 360-352-8526
> Email: info@kowaradio.org
> All events at The Evergreen State College
> Sponsored by Carnival
> The Beehive Collective | Sem II A1105 | Tuesday | 4/3/07 | 6:00-8:30 | FREE
> This amazing artist collective will be giving a graphic storytelling presentation of their past and newest works depicting global resistance to colonialism, militarism, & resource extraction in the Americas. You may have seen their large black and white posters around town that serve as teaching tools and storytelling aids for these issues. Come to meet the artists, learn about what the posters represent, and ask questions at the Q&A.
> Miss Rockaway Armada | Sem II A1105 | Monday | 4/9/07 | 7:00 | FREE
> Tales from a group of 25 artists and performers that floated the Mississippi this summer on home made rafts. A group of travelers that take a hands-on approach to creating change, they will be telling stories and giving a multi media presentation on their experiences and the impact it had on themselves and the people they met.
> Medicine & Printmaking Workshops | CAB 110 | Thurs | 4/19 & 4/26 | 4:00 | FREE
> Benjamin Pixie, local medicine maker, will be leading two days of workshops teaching the use of native plants for edible and medicinal purposes. We will also be taking 8 different plants and making silk screen prints of them on fabric or in your own journal. The event is free with all supplies provided.
> The Sprockettes | Red Square | Sunday | 4/22 | 2:00 | FREE
> The world's first mini bike dance team is coming! The Sprockettes rock out on their bikes, promoting positive body image, loving bikes, and getting down with your bad self. This event will be followed by a workshop on the culture of bicycle dancing.
> Bookbinding | CAB 315 | 4/5 & 4/11 | FREE
> How to workshop on the ancient arts of bookbinding in this two week long workshop series. Lead by members of Community Print in Olympia, the event is free with all supplies provided.

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